A putting grip for chipping

A putting grip for chipping

A putting grip for chipping

Most accomplished golfers have a particular type of grip for most of their shots in golf but change this grip for putting. Below are illustrations of the more conventional types of holds I am referring to.





As you can see the conventional overlap grip has the little finger of the bottom hand overlapping between the first and second fingers of the top hand. In the putting grip this overlapping is of course reversed with the first finger of the top hand spreading over the fingers of the bottom hand. The effect of this reverse position helps to slightly tighten certain muscles in the arm so it helps to keep the wrist action less active during the motion of swinging the club, just what is needed in a putting stroke.

Sometimes when we are chipping our wrists/hands get a little over active and this can lead to poor striking and definitely bad distance control. If you feel your chipping is a little inconsistent try the putting grip, you may get the feel it helps to stabilise your action. It has its limitations and you don’t have to use it all the time but for some golfers it’s a great option. Also if you have trouble putting and you use a normal overlap grip try reversing it; again it can be sometimes the easiest way to take out that handsy motion.

Chipping pointers

  • Set up with good body posture but put a little more weight on your front foot at address
  • Have the ball position between middle and the back foot
  • Relax your arms down and take the reverse overlap hold
  • Start the swinging motion smoothly with your arms and torso working in harmony, the backswing should have the feeling it is moving straight back from the target
  • Continue this harmonized motion turning your chest through and letting your arms swing with motion. The club should naturally brush (not dig) the ground
  • The lower half remains stable and passive
  • Like all our shots the more unconscious we are of this motion the better

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