Squat for better control

Squat for better control

Squat for better control

Increasingly one question seems to be asked of me, “What exercises should I do for golf?” A very simple deep squat is a great exercise for 2 reasons.

Research has shown that any limitation performing a full deep squat has a direct correlation to a golfer loosing their pelvic posture during the downswing. This loss of posture can affect timing & rhythm, balance also the effective use of power. Also for the golfer who really wants to improve things substantially the deep squat is a great way of looking for specific areas to work further on, like tight calf, quads or poor core strength etc. (This is often referred to as functional screening).

The internet is a great place to find out what and how to do a deep squat properly but here are some things to look for.

  • Start the squats first with arms in front of you or crossed over your chest
  • Do the squat in stocking feet on something like a wooden floor
  • Head should not fall forwards during squat
  • Have feet square on & heels should not rise off the ground during the execution of the squat.
  • Hips go down at least level with the knees in the squat
  • Try not to let knees buckle out or inwards during squat

Now try the squat with a golf club or pole above your head as illustrated. If your arms falls forward it suggest work is need on lats/chest/and shoulder area.

Like all exercises if you experience any pain stop and consult a medical professional.

Paul Thompson

Fellow PGA Professional

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