Your Choice of Driver

Your Choice of Driver

Advanced PGA Professional Paul Thompson is the resident professional at Powerscourt since 1995. In addition to providing coaching on-site he also is a coach with The Golfing Union of Ireland.

Check out our blog where Paul will regularly be posting articles guiding you through all facets of your golf game. This week Paul provides coaching on ‘Your Choice of Driver.’

Your choice of driver

Modern research into long driving has revealed that the ball travels furthest through the air when it flies on what is called a ‘rainbow’ trajectory. This means the ball rises sharply, levels out, hangs in the air and then the ball drops slowly. For the ball to achieve this flight it must be launched quickly into the air with as little backspin as possible.

Further testing using ‘launch monitors’ have suggested that a high percentage of club golfers use drivers that have too little loft on the face. (no surprise that a lot of golfers hit the ball further with their 3 wood.) It is a common misconception that the lower the loft on a driver, the further the ball will go. In fact, a golfer’s optimum loft on a driver (and the shaft flex) is very much linked to the speed of the clubhead through impact. Again, research says that the majority of club golfers are really not benefiting from drivers with less than 10 degrees of loft, as they do not have enough clubhead speed through impact. It is interesting to note that the average loft of drivers used by tour player has got higher in the past two years.

Thank You Paul! Appointments with Paul can be booked via Powerscourt Golf Club Reception: Tel (01) 204 6033 or the Golf Shop Tel (01) 204 6031. Read more about lessons from Paul Thompson by visiting the Powerscourt Golf Club Website.

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