Pre–Game Warm-up

Pre–Game Warm-up

Have you ever considered the ideal pre-game process that suits your game, your body and of course your lifestyle. One thing is for sure is that there probably isn’t the perfect answer for all of us but it’s worth considering what sort of things give you the best chance of performing at your best when you step onto the 1st tee. Research has shown that adding some physical exercises to your warm -up improves your distance by up to 12 %.

Below are a few stretches you can do before your round using one of your clubs. Any pre-game warm-up exercises should be performed in a smooth, rhythmic fashion, without pain, while gradually increasing the range of motion. Breathe smoothly and deeply during your warm up.


Side Bends

Stand with your feet shoulder width and hold a club above your head.  Bend to each side and keep your torso straight.  Avoid leaning forward or backward, only go to each side.


Warm Up 1 Warm Up 2


Hand Behind Back Club Stretch

Put your club behind you grab the golf club behind your back with your right hand pull the golf club with the other hand from above while keeping your right shoulder relaxed and your hand over on the left side of your back. Switch sides.

Warm Up 3 Warm Up 4


Stork Turns

Stand on one leg and place opposite foot on your lower calf region. Use a club in front of you for balance and rotate your hips one direction and then the other while trying to keep your upper body still. Do both legs.

Warm Up 5 Warm Up 6



Pendulum Leg Swings

Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width and hold the top of the club for support.  Begin by slowly swinging your right leg forward and backward.  Switch to the other leg.  Your body should remain standing straight up through the leg swings. Try this swinging your leg side to side across your body as well.

Warm Up 7 Warm Up 8 Warm Up 9 Warm Up 10


Latissimus Dorsi

Place both hands on the top of the club. Step back with one foot bend at the hips, keeping your chest up and chin tucked in. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly and let your back sag toward the floor while maintaining your hands on top of the club.

Warm Up 11


Finish with Swing Progressions:

Starting in your address posture, slowly begin swinging the club back and forth. Start very slowly and with small swings. Gradually increase both the range of motion of your swings and also the speed with which you swing the club Try to motion of your swings and also the speed with which you swing the club. Try to maintain a smooth rhythm during this exercise. When you feel good, you are ready to start hitting balls.

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