What Height to Tee the Ball up!

What Height to Tee the Ball up!

What Height to Tee the Ball up!

What height should I tee the ball with a driver? This is a common enough question asked not just by beginners but experienced golfers as well. The fact that the beginner or novice are looking to develop repeatable patterns means a simple answer of, generally try to get about 2/3rds or 3/4 of the ball above the top line of the driver. If they are using a fairway metal to tee off with this should be reduced to no more than 1/2 the ball above the top line of the club.


But what about the experienced golfer, is it not the same for them? One of the things to consider in golf is that we play in different conditions and constantly face variable challenges. The idea that we need to have machine like consistency is not only futile but would not be very effective. Although our general movement patterns remain consistent enough having the ability to change our shot shape allows us increase our ability to play the game better. A real easy way to this is to change the height of the tee.


It will take a little practice and experimenting to get the best results. Perhaps start by teeing the ball quite low to get that penetrating low ball flight that can be used into a strong head wind. You may need to move the ball back in your stance a fraction. This really can be a shot saver. Next try teeing the ball up higher, so that the entire ball is at least above the top line of the club. The idea here is you are really trying to hit the ball into the air, catching the ball on the upswing. Make sure you strike the ball from the middle to higher part of the face and not from the bottom as the ball will have a low flight. Obviously this will used in a tail wind and when used effectively will give plenty of extra yardage.


So put away those fixed height tees and start exploring the possibility of varying the shape of your tee shots.

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