Uphill & Downhill!

Uphill & Downhill!

Uphill & Downhill

Here are some pointers to help play uphill lies and downhill lies.

Uphill lies

  • In general position the ball just forward of middle of the stance.
  • Unlike downhill shots you will need to fight the slope a little by leaning into the slope a bit, this will mean you will have more weight on your front leg.
  • The ball will fly higher than normal so you may need to take more club.
  • The effect of the slope will make it difficult to transfer weight in your downswing as you would do in a normal swing. (in fact you shouldn’t try to move your weight too much as you will lose too much control of balance) This has the effect of letting your club and arms overtake your body and so tends to curl the ball to the left. Allow for this by aligning right of your target.



Downhill lies

  • If possible (depending on the severity of the slope) try to get your body perpendicular to the slope.
  • The loft of the club will be reduced so the ball will come out lower so allow for this in your club selection.
  • In general position the ball in the stance.
  • Through impact/follow through try to keep the club low and follow the lie of the land as much as you can (it is very easy to fall back on to your back foot and top the ball).





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