The Chipping Utility

The Chipping Utility

Most golfers these days carry hybrid clubs or sometimes called rescue clubs. They are an incredibly useful alternative to long irons, and for a lot of golfers also help bridge the gap between the woods and irons. If you don’t carry one at present you should seriously consider adding one to your set and maybe with a little professional advice you may be able to find one that allows you to change the configuration of your set so you can fit that extra wedge in at the other end, which can also help your short game options.

In terms of the short game these same hybrid utility clubs, and I would include the 5 wood here as well, can be used around the green. They can be used effectively on short tightly cut grass just off the green when you need the ball to jump a little and then run up to the hole. Because of the design of these type of clubs they are easier to brush the ground underneath the ball getting it to run rather than sometimes trying to make the perfect strike off a tight lie with an iron. A bit like the idea of the old fashioned jigger.

However they will need to be practiced and here is a few things to consider. Try to use more of a putting stroke rather than a chipping action, I would recommend you grip the club like you do your putter. You will need to stand tall but don’t get too far away from the ball, let the club sit nice and upright. The ball will come off the face a little quicker than an iron so you may tend to over hit the ball to begin with. Experiment in your practice and find what works for you but at least give it a few goes first.

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Chipping with a hybrid club
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