Simple Take – Away Drill

Simple Take – Away Drill

It has often been said that the most important part to the swing after impact is the take away. Ben Hogan regarded it as one of the crucial moments in his swing. I think we would be fooling ourselves if we thought having a good take away ensured a good swing will follow, nonetheless a good start in anything is preferable to something we have to correct or compensate for later on.

Here is an effective but simple drill to get you to see what sort of direction your club is moving at the start of your swing. It is one drill I will use quite often myself when I’m out on the range.

Using an iron, set up to a ball with your club as normal and then place a second ball immediately behind the back of your club. Start your swing and as your club moves away it will push the ball behind your club away.


The direction that the ball behind your club travels when it is pushed away by your club will give you some indication of the direction your clubhead is moving in relation to the target line. The intention is get the club and the ball to move either straight back or slightly on the inside of the target line during initial movement (about it first 6 inches approx.)


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