One foot for Crisper Irons

One foot for Crisper Irons

Here is a really simple drill to help you get the feel of nice crisp iron shots, especially from those tight lies.

Start off with a 6 or 7 Iron although this will work with all irons, the medium clubs will probably give you the best chance of feeling a good strike with a positive full swing. This is sometimes called a front foot drill so I am going to describe this as a right handed golfer.

Place your feet close together a put the ball in line with the left heel. Still keeping your knees reasonably close to each other move your right foot back so you are on the toe end of this foot (see illustration). This will put nearly all your weight on your left foot, in other words you will have no support from your right side.


You should now try to make as full and normal swing as possible but not at the expense of balance. You will be able to hit the ball nearly as far as a normal shot. What you will get is the feel of a good impact position. When you have done a few of these hit some normal shots and try to re-create the feel of the strike in your normal shots.

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