Good Putting Foundations

Good Putting Foundations

Solid foundations in any part of your golfing technique are going to give you the best chance of effectiveness and consistency with your results. Sometimes you’re putting method doesn’t get thought of in the same way. Here is a simple idea you can try that will give your putting technique a firm bedrock to work from.

Take your normal putting grip and set the club on the ground, this will usually be about a 70 degree lie angle. Make sure your feet are a good shoulder width apart. Here is the key set up point, try to get the angle of your upper legs to be approximately the same as the shaft angle of the putter.


The idea here is that you have locked-down the lower half of your body. There should be no movement in your legs or backside and hips during the stroke. Try to get the feeling that your upper ribs are connected to your upper arms and that the swinging of putter comes from the torso and not from the hands or arms as an independent motion.

The illustration above is US tour player Steve Stricker. His putting action is a good example of the method described above and he is regarded as one of the best putters by his peers.

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