Free flowing swing

Free flowing swing

Here’s a great little drill/exercise that can be done anywhere as it does not use a club or ball. The idea is to get the feeling of a free flowing synchronized swinging motion with the arms and the torso.

Start by getting into golf posture and let your arms hang down in front of your body with the palms facing each other. – imagine you have a small football between your hands so they will be about 6 inches apart.


Now make ¾ length backswings and forward swings continually in a relaxed & rhythmical manner. The key points to look for:-

  • Hands and elbows remain a consistent distance apart through the whole process of swinging.
  • Both arms rotate slightly in a clockwise fashion in the backswing and counter clockwise in the follow through.
  • Body is rotating through the mid-back and not tilting or lifting out of golf posture.
  • Let your arms bend upwards at the elbows in the backswing and follow through.
  • Rhythm is smooth especially in the transition stage.

If this exercise is done in its correct form it will be as effective as it is simple in giving you an understanding of the movement patterns you are looking to recreate in your golf swing.

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