Elements to Scoring Well

Elements to Scoring Well

(“Know Thyself”)

 This week Advanced PGA Professional at Powerscourt Paul Thompson provides coaching on how to score well in golf. Here are his best tips:

  • ‰Possessing a command of the short game gives a golfer the most effective edge they can have because it’s the ultimate eraser of mistakes. Develop a passion for chipping and putting.
  • ‰Playing comfortably means understanding what you’re capable of. It’s no good trying to pull off shots that have not been practised but remember playing comfortably takes patience. Play to your strengths.

  • A game plan is valuable sometimes because it imposes structure and discipline on your round.
  • ‰Middle of the green is nearly always good.
  • Remember most people under read putts.
  • Know the effects and limitations of the ball you use, for example, is it a hard distance ball or a softer spinning ball?
  • ‰The ideal mind set for golf is a little like driving a car;  we don’t think of how the engine is working when were driving, so don’t get wrapped up in thoughts about your swing mechanics!

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About Paul Thompson:

Advanced PGA Professional Paul Thompson is the resident professional at Powerscourt since 1995. In addition to providing coaching on-site he also is a coach with The Golfing Union of Ireland. Appointments with Paul can be booked via Powerscourt Golf Club Reception: Tel (01) 204 6033 or the Golf Shop Tel (01) 204 6031. Read more about lessons from Paul Thompson by visiting the Powerscourt Golf Club Website.

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