Driver & the Angle of Attack

Driver & the Angle of Attack

The term “Angle of attack” is something you may have heard of in relation to a golf swing. It refers to the angle the clubhead approaches the ball, looking at a swing face onwards. This angle will generally change and become less steep or downward the longer the club we play. The other point I would mention here is that very good players are aware of this angle and change it to be able to get the best from different lies. So if a ball is sat up on some fluffy grass they will become a little shallower and sweep the ball away.

The important consideration I want to mention is the angle that best suits a driver swing.

Here is a picture of a driver that is showing some scuff or roof marks. This leads to shots that just pop-up and go high with no distance. These marks and type of shots are results of swings that have to steep and downward angle into the hitting area.

The Angle of Attack

The ideal way to hit your driver is from a shallow rounded angle that gets you to hit the ball as your driver is working its way on the up-swing. Here are two ideas that may help you achieve this.

At the start of your downswing feel as if your hands are working away from your shoulders in a nice rounded arc motion giving you good width into the ball. Make this transition nice and smooth. A great drill for you to also try on the range that will help you get the sensation of hitting the ball on the up-swing is to place the box from a sleeve of golf balls about 12 inches in front of the ball at address. Your intention is to then hit the ball and miss the box.

The Angle of Attack Drive

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