The Backswing Power Feeling

The Backswing Power Feeling

Hitting the ball further will always be a hot topic when it comes to looking at golf swings, but in this case I want to focus on one aspect that will help in getting our efforts to equal putting energy into the ball so it can represent efficiency in our swing. Perhaps a good phrase to use here is “a power or energy leak”. This is one of those terms that for me denotes a slight inefficiency in the process. The area that we can focus on is the completion of the backswing.

One of the main components in our swing is the rotation of the trunk or the pillar of our body. The other component I want to focus on is the swinging motion of the arms. I think one of the best feelings to work towards in your backswing is to synchronize these two components so they reach the limit of the backswing at the same time. In most of the very good golfers the sequence of the downswing will not start down at the same time with these components, it will often follow a sequence of lower body – upper body – arms – club (this sequence is not exactly the same for all golfers). However this being said the feeling of reaching the top of the backswing with the body turn and arm swing at the same time gives a great feeling of width and loaded power that I think helps to utilize a good swing sequence.

One of the most common moves is that the golfer’s arms keep going in the backswing when the body has stopped. This can give some indication of poor shoulder (scapula) control which ultimately leads to poor co-ordination and power leaks. One of the easiest ways to check this is too use a decent slow motion camera, most smart phones these days have this facility.


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