Arm Hang at Address

Arm Hang at Address

This week Advanced PGA Professional at Powerscourt Paul Thompson provides coaching on your arm hang. If you would like advice on a particular aspect of your game, let us know at and we will try and include it on an upcoming blog.

“When the arms hang down badly at the set up they can upset your ability to turn the spine correctly.  This means your upper body rotation will be reduced and the synchronization of your arms and hands with your torso movement becomes more complicated than it needs to be.

Try this quick drill to test your arm hang:

  • Start by standing up straight with your shoulders back but relaxed down and arms hanging freely and naturally by your side. Keep your weight neutral on both feet.

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  • Bend foreword from underneath your belly button, maintaining the spine angle and place a small amount of flex in your knees. If your arms are fully relaxed they will fall or hang into the ideal position. Try to maintain this arm hang position for all of your full shots and do not be tempted to hang your arms further away from your body especially with your driver.”
Correct Position
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Incorrect Position

Paul Thompson

Advanced PGA Professional

About Paul Thompson:

Advanced PGA Professional Paul Thompson is the resident professional at Powerscourt Golf Club in Wicklow since 1995. In addition to providing coaching on-site he also is a coach with The Golfing Union of Ireland. Appointments with Paul can be booked via Powerscourt Golf Club Reception: Tel (01) 204 6033 or the Golf Shop Tel (01) 204 6031. Read more about lessons from Paul Thompson by visiting the Powerscourt Golf Club Website.

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