Mobility is the Key

Mobility is the Key

The average golfer has limited range of motion. This range is limited even more so because of inactivity and large amounts of time dedicated to sitting behind desks hunched over a computer. So when you go straight to full speed, hitting golf balls with limited mobility, you then breakdown the primary key to the foundation of movement. Thus, compensation occurs and inconsistency becomes a factor during your round.

Mobility is a key that unlocks the potential for consistency, accuracy and distance. Performing movement patterns centred on joints that are designed to be mobile, you will able to move efficiently.

You will be able to maximize your full potential if you have full range of motion. If the range of motion is limited, then you start to compensate and use other parts of the body to do the work that it’s not intended to do. This can lead to poor shots and possibly injury.

Golf mobility

When these mobile joints have limited range of motion, we will compromise and start to use the stable areas to perform mobility work. This is how we get the injuries in the knees, lower back, upper back and the elbow. When the mobile joints have the capacity to move within a full range of motion, the stability joints can do their job, resulting in consistency and accuracy.

Mobility is the foundation that needs to occur first to increase improvement.

Remember :-

Golf mobility

Look at the following joints and see if you have the ideal range of motion

Golf mobility

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