How to play in bad weather

How to play in bad weather

I was looking through one of my books at home the other day it was Jack Nicklaus’ book called “Lesson Tee” that was published in 1978. I came across some nice thoughts about playing in bad weather that I think are still useful today.

“Rhythm and tempo take on extra importance when you’re being bullied by the elements. With rain running down your neck, you subconsciously risk hurrying both your setup and your swing. In those circumstances I try to make a conscious effort to get properly settled over the ball, then to swing as smoothly and fully as possible. Two of my key thoughts at such times are: ‘Make a deliberate takeaway’ and ‘Complete the backswing.’ ”

Tom Watson is a golfer who relished wind and rain, but there are three categories of golfers in bad weather:

“One simply stays home until the rain stops. If you’re playing in a tournament, you can’t do that. Another group goes out and plays but with a negative attitude and usually a lot of griping and poor scores. The third group accepts the elements as just another variation of the game. They assume the scores will be higher and don’t get upset when they make a poor shot or a bad score. And the third group was like Tom Watson. When I was playing tournament golf, I made sure I was in that third group.”

So if you want to play your best golf in inclement conditions, adopt Jack’s  and Tom’s attitude to bad weather and think of your rhythm and tempo.

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