Balanced Posture in Putting

Balanced Posture in Putting

As golfers we should all be aware of how important posture is in determining both the range and efficiency of our movements. Despite the relatively small body movements involved in the putting stroke our balanced posture at address can play an important role in an effective method. Top players look to create a stable, balanced and solid base from which a fixed pivot point can execute the stroke consistently. Without these foundations the system can easily fail when put under pressure.

Using the latest scanning technology, a study published in the Annual Review of Golf Coaching” measured the pressure under the feet a number of golfers ranging from Amateur to Professional (they were all right handed) while addressing their putts and making a strike. Recordings of the weight distribution revealed that at set up, amateurs have 20% more weight on the right foot (back foot) with more pressure through their toes than heel. Professional players have a more even distribution. This suggests that some of the amateurs are already placing their bodies in an unbalanced posture making any subsequent movement will simply be compensating. Also to back this up it, the study showed there was more sway in the amateur putting action with professionals staying relatively still.

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The key here is Stability. This stability needs to focus on two areas, one is core stability or in general terms abdominal muscles, hips and glutes. If you have ever attended a Pilates class you are likely to have heard the phrase “engage your core muscles”. It takes a little practice but it is worth doing (It is not a sucking in of your belly, or a pushing out. It is a bracing.) Also be aware of your backside muscles (glutes) staying nice and still. This gives you the base. Second area we need to be stable is the shoulders, arms and hands. This does not mean we create tension, but we need to link or connect the movement of these components so they work together.

Try and become aware of your balance and posture in your putting action the next chance you get, it may help you create more consistency in your putts.


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